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maximeyes (previously iContact) is an independent practice owned and operated by Dr. Max Humphreys. The business has been part of Manly for the past 18 years, treating thousands of locals, young and not so young, for an extensive range of eye concerns. We are a locally owned business supporting the local community.


Our focus is and has always been on solving eye problems and on minimising the risk of developing any by providing specific eye care practices that have been scientifically proven to benefit eye health.


Our difference




At maximeyes we specialise in primary eye care. Our focus is on preventing eye problems. If you suspect something isn’t quite right, come and see us first.  Should you need further help, we can then refer you to the right eye specialists.


Every eye is as different and as individual as you are so we take time and put extra care in assessing your eyes and identifying any issues. That way we can ensure you get the best aides, treatment and training to maximise your eye’s performance.



Our principal optometrist has experience in specialised contact lens designs such as orthokeratology
(Ortho-K) and semi scleral lenses for keratoconus and corneal grafts. We utilise computerised visual training systems. Recently we have introduced a virtual reality training system which has already yielded amazing results.




While most eye diseases can be successfully treated, few can be actually cured. On the other hand, eye problems with no cure are preventable and their risk of occurrence can be greatly reduced.  That’s why we make putting preventative practices in place one of our primary goals. Make an appointment to see how we can help you.



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Maximeyes your eye health


If you do notice eye or vision symptoms it is important to seek an immediate appointment. Make sure you describe your problem as clearly as possible and when you first noticed it and we will endeavour to fit you in on the same day for a quick bulk billed appointment.


Our normal eye examination always includes advice on how to maintain good eye health. Where appropriate we will give you written instructions on how to prevent various eye or vision problems occurring.

Eye Health

Optometry is a primary health service which means you don’t need a referral to have your eyes tested.  A full eye check examination is generally recommended every 2 years. As well as checking your vision and providing a correct script or exercises if required, this should include a pupil dilation examination.  Its purpose is to fully examine the back of your eyes.  Even if your vision is fine, there are a number of life threatening diseases that can be identified by such an examination as well as a number of sight threatening conditions.  Since many eye problems don’t have obvious symptoms in their early stages, it is important to conduct routine tests which can offer early diagnosis and treatment.  It left untreated vision losses can usually not be restored.

Eye Tests & Diagnosis

Recently the World Health Organisation has identified the alarming increase in people, mostly children, who are becoming short sighted.  Distance vision becomes less sharp and even if corrected by glasses, contact lenses or surgery there is often an ongoing worsening of distance vision.  This is caused by the eyeball becoming longer and this in turn causes an increased risk of serious eye diseases as the years go by.  This looks like becoming a major health risk in the future if it is not controlled.  Fortunately there are a number of ways of reducing the risk of onset of myopia and of controlling its progression once it has set in.  At maximeyes we specialise in these preventative strategies.

Myopia  Control

Our principal optometrist, Max, has been using Ortho-K as a means of slowing and preventing myopia, especially in children, since beginning the practice in Manly.  In the early days is was not accepted that Ortho-K had any effect on myopic progression and it was mostly used for its other benefit of freeing short sighted persons from the need to wear glasses or contact lenses or undergo surgery.  Max noticed that children who did Ortho-K did not progress myopically. They were corrected by Ortho-K lenses worn overnight and obtained good distance vision all day without need for correction. It is now well accepted that Ortho-K slows myopic progression and, in some cases, prevents it altogether, thereby reducing the increased risk of many eye problems associated with myopia.


Many other optometry practices now offer Ortho-K but few if any have the same depth of experience that Max brings to each case.


We are always enthusiastic to encourage therapies which although not normally used, have been shown to benefit eye health, especially when these therapies have no known negative side effects. For this reason, we promote the use of saffron to treat early and late age-related macular degeneration (AMD) as well as anti-oxidants indicated by the latest research (AREDS 2). We also recommend simple diet changes.

Alternative Therapy

Virtual Reality with variable eye input is used to treat a variety of binocular and other visual problems. Specialty contact lenses are used to treat ocular diseases and also to change the colour of eyes as desired. Ortho-K is a major speciality service and is described next.

Specialty Services


Common eye conditions we treat

Lazy eye

Retinal detatchment

Ocular hypertension




Macular degeneration


Eye redness

Dry Eye

Diabetic retinopathy



Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) is a non-surgical reversible process which changes the surface shape of the main focussing clear lens at the front of our eyes. This clear lens is called the cornea and this is what refractive surgeons cut and remove mainly with a laser. The idea of Ortho-K began in the 1960s but only took off in the last 20 years when it was practised as an overnight technique using lens materials that allow more oxygen to reach the cornea. Even quite significant changes last the whole day or even several days.

What is it

Good clear vision all day without the need for glasses or contact lenses. A major extra benefit is the now well documented reduction in the progression of loss of distance vision (myopia). There are many other benefits depending on individual situations and needs.


Anyone who can benefit is eligible but by far the most important group are patients (usually children) who are losing their distance clear vision (myopia).

Who is it for

There has been a great deal of research in recent years and this suggests that the gentle fluid forces created by the Ortho-K lens quite quickly encourages the central surface cells on the front of the eye to “pack” down and create the new shape for correction of distance blur. It is also possible to design forces to create correction for near blur, by making the central cells thicker and research suggests that this thickening occurs in “normal” Ortho-K and may be why it prevents the unhealthy lengthening of eyes. To find out more make an appointment.

How does it work

Maximeyes your style



We stock an extensive range of fashion frames for men, women and children along with some budget ones too. You’re sure to find something and if you don’t we are happy to place special orders or search for something specific.

It is of course the lenses that provide the sharpening of vision. Our preferred supplier is Zeiss. All Zeiss lenses are designed and developed on the basis of over 100 years’ experience and by using leading edge technology.

Contact lenses



At maximeyes we offer a “try all” trial of up to three months (usually $295 for 3 months, dependent on patient). During the trial period all consultations are included along with various lenses to suit. This is really the only way to end up with the best lenses for your lifestyle and your eyes.


There are a variety of contact lens brands which we use including CooperVision, Bausch and Lomb, Alcon, ACL, Gelflex, Johnson & Johnson and Menicon.





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2 hour free parking is conveniently located at the Coles/Council carpark on Wentworth Street


Most FAQs, if answered briefly, provide misleading information. To find out exactly what the answers are to all your questions please make an appointment with maximeyes on (02) 9977 2554. To ask a specific question please complete the form to the right.


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